RedWhite United

Oct 11, 2014RedWhite United 3-1 Dynamo Tbilisi FC

A changed RedWhite United took on Dynamo in their first game at home and quickly seeked home comforts with Razza capitalising on a mistake in 30 seconds to put RedWhite 1-0 up. Indomy held CM in a 3-1-2 formation and kept a solid line helping both defence and attack. Kasilva, Safira and Woopy were also doing well to keep Tbilisi at bay and at half time it remained 1-0.

Oct 10, 2014FC Crvena Zvedza 4-2 RedWhite United

RedWhite United started off away to FCCZ in their first game of the Masters League season, it didn't start off too well for RWU, losing a player in the first minute and therefore having to quickly reshuffle. Crvena scored first with a very lucky goal that was debated whether it should of counted but there was nothing controversial about the second and at half time Crvena were 2-0 up.