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Why that result could be a good thing

It was easily the most disappointing game I've ever been involved in, however it could be used for a positive. Most players after the game messaged me apologising for their performance, not one player can say they played well and it was a joint effort. RedWhite United have come back from much worse than this and we will again because we have the right mentality and attitude within the squad.

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Making the website more active again

Changes are being put in place to make the website more active again, this includes a new Team Rules, Squad Page and a History of RWU. Soon the forum will be changed to be used effeciently within the squad.

All new players can now make an account with a special code needed to enter and the Applications page is updated also. Finally the create a match page has been updated so now we can pick ML, UL, OL or Other fixtures and only 3 options are there in the arranged by column.