Why that result could be a good thing

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It was easily the most disappointing game I've ever been involved in, however it could be used for a positive. Most players after the game messaged me apologising for their performance, not one player can say they played well and it was a joint effort. RedWhite United have come back from much worse than this and we will again because we have the right mentality and attitude within the squad.

Remember that feeling of dejection and disappointment? Now I definitely don't want to feel like that again and I'm sure the rest of you don't either, so we need to use this to kick on, as I said before this tournament started due to the patch anything can happen, no game will be an easy game and we need to make sure that we work together to win. Our next 3 games will definitely be the hardest games in this stage. I just want us to go out and give our all because I know that we can beat anyone on our day. Forget the ML Final now this is a new tournament it's about consistency so lets kick on from here.


• Posted Apr 24, 2018

One bad game doesn't define the whole tournament. You guys tried your best but it seems the universe just did not want it to happen. It's a long competition so pick your heads up and get going. Even ingame start practicing thinking as one team. Any mistake made can be addressed outside the game but in the game, you're one till the end, never forget that as long as the RedWhite United logo is on your jersey.

I don't cheer for quitters.