Minutes of meeting from August 2nd 2017

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Minutes of meeting from August 2nd 2017

RedWhite United Meeting 02/08/2017

Attendees: Razza, Mikey, Kasilva, Nolove, Wright, Fabreezian, Indomy, Mundle, Stephen, Enzo, Praise, Redway, Lindsie (late)

- First off all the 'core' players of the team have been upgraded to a 'Prestige' Member in GameVox and a 'Scout' in FS. These players automatically make any major tournament squad if they're available and wish to play.

-  Upcoming UL there will only be between 6-9 places actually available to play for, some people may be left disappointed but this is just how FS is, reinstated that RWU is a team to win not a team that shows up.

- We will now be taking FS more seriously, only 2 newer players will be allowed to play at once to learn the RWU Way as recently some FSCs haven't been up to standard. This doesn't mean we can't have fun still as this is what RWU is about but newer players will be 'shown the ropes' instead of just purely having fun in games.

- Newer players must integrate with the main squad so no personalities clash and know where the line is when it comes to jokes.

- Final point was preparation for the Ultimate League starts today and good luck to all players.

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Razza is god  

Razza is god


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