RedWhite United

RedWhite United Code of Conduct;

First and foremost, it should be understood that each and every RedWhite United member is treated as an equal on the pitch. We are together united as one, forming a single, powerful unit. That is a philosophy that this club believes strongly in. With that being said, there is a certain hierarchy that is implemented within the club, like all professional clubs, that members shouldn’t be reminded to respect. All clubs require organization and with that management is divided accordingly so that the integral flow can be maintained.
‚ÄčThe following are the Official Rules for players of RedWhite United:

- All Players must use Discord and be active when they are in a PMC match of any type.
- There is to be no insulting of other players, there is a difference between constructive criticism/discussion and insulting to hurt somebody.
- Players starting any upcoming competitive game (ML, UL) MUST BE on Discord AND Online ATLEAST 1 HOUR before scheduled kick-off.
- If a Player has an issue with another player they will talk to Management to get the issue resolved.
- Any Player who 'rage quits' the team, a game etc. Could face suspension from RWU permanently.
- Players will respect managements decisions in games, whether this be a starting line-up, tactics etc. Remember: No player is bigger than the team.
- The RWU Whatsapp Group is optional and any member may join it if they wish, just talk to management.
- UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any player give away any tactics to oppositions, this will result in an instant ban from the team.
- NO MEMBER is allowed to give a recruit/trialist the details to the RWU Discord server unless they pass their trial.
- ONLY MANAGEMENT can give out the code for accounts onto the website.