Dec 30, 2011Christmas + New Year

Hey guys, I hope everyone's had a good Christmas and is ready for 2012. During this period I haven't been on lately simply because I've needed a break and it's been the perfect time.

I think that this is the perfect time for everybody to just chill out for a few days, calm the stress levels down and then come back in 2012 with a bang and kick on from there.

I'll still on be on xfire and possibly mumble, I might even be on FS to play the odd FSC (gotta keep the match fitness up!)

Anyway, I hope you're all ready for a brand new year with new possibilities, and I'll see you all again properly on January the 3rd, for now just take a well deserved rest.



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• Posted Dec 30, 2011

Yeah I been doing the same thing, though I got a real nasty cold I had to just do nothing but movies :D

my match fitness went down only to 11/20 which I was amazed it was even that high.. I think I was offline for like a week..

I probably wont be crazy active for a while longer.